Dhol Players and Dancers

Used primarily for Baraats the dhol will assist in get any party started ensuring for a dhol memorable occasion . The dhol player will play Hindi music and Bhangra songs . As well as Baraat this service can be used at Wedding Reception . Our dancers will entertain your guests with dance numbers that will keep them on their feet or leave them delighted . Our dancers and DJ work together to perform dances that will not only entertain guests but will also incorporate them .

Room Up-Lighting & Intelligent lights

Intelligent Lighting had abilities beyond those of stationary lighting . Up-moving head fixture that is mounted upon a lighting truss that can produce spectacular effects that will leave you in awe such as intricate design patterns and illuminating colors . Our lighting technician is more than experienced with program, ensuring for a full During cocktail and dinner hour the lighting will change slowly so that it doesn’t disturb guests but as it comes time for dancing the lights will change to create the atmosphere of a real nightclub.

LED HDTV or Projector/Screen

This service is becoming more and more popular among our clients . led HDTV allowing clients to add a personal touch to their event such as Picture Slide-shows and Videos the service creates for a more joyous occasion.

Mobile Baraat Van

Being a lively and moving component of the wedding, the Baraat consists of the Procession mobile baraat Van following the Groom to the entrance of the wedding hall while upbeat music is playing. We offer a van that is fully equipped with a DJ Sound System and the music can be customized to your liking.

Wedding DJ

The goal of our company is to make every wedding  memorable not only for the wedding DJ, Bride and Groom but as well as for the families and guests. To achieve this DJ will play music throughout every element of the wedding from the groom’s entrance to the bride’s vidai. We will also provide the priest with a Lavaliere microphone so all guests will be able to listen and enjoy the wedding.

Cocktail Hour

The Cocktail Hour is when the guests can mingle among st themselves and enjoy food and drinks. Our setup for the cocktail room consists of 2 speakers that will be playing the music of your choice, setting the environment for the wedding.

MC (Master of Ceremonies)

The job of the MC is to keep the crowd upbeat and directing attention when needed mcto the bride and groom. The MC will incorporate the crowd into fun activities as well as motivate them to enjoy the event to its fullest. In addition, the MC will direct the wedding smoothly and professionally so that you won’t have to worry about a thing .

Custom Monogram

A monogram adds a bit of elegance to an already incredible event. Awe your custom monogramguests with a custom monogram or logo with your initials, name, intricate patterns, and even images designed by us. The monogram will then be projected onto the wall, dance floor, or above the main table.

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